OnServiceMD Version 3.0 was officially released on Wednesday, February 3rd.  OSMD 3.0 is a complete redesign.

OSMD 3.0 was engineered with speed in mind, and every screen, button, field, and table was designed with one thing in mind: the clinician as the end user.  As such, OnServiceMD Version 3.0 integrates intelligence which predicts the users next action and supports the user through several, reinforcing visual cues and prompts.  Page loads have been reduced dramatically through highly efficient software engineering, and the entire software platform provides for a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Huge new functionality is built into OSMD 3.0.  An entirely new scheduling platform will allow you not only to schedule your MDs, PAs, and housestaff, but will provide powerful new schedule reporting which will finally give your service the discipline needed to track user shift breakdown and tallies, moonlighting payments, and backup utilization.  Schedule requests: no problem, it handles that too!

New also is a new dashboard for your overnight team.  Realize an entirely new way to organize your hospitalist workflow at night, and be sure the day teams have a clear and immediate understanding of what happened overnight as well.

OSMD 3.0 brings powerful new reporting and search tools to your service.  View service information that you currently try to keep on spreadsheets or which you painstakingly try to extract from your hospital or enterprise EHR, and integrate this information into real-time decision-making.

The end result is a system re-engineered and optimized for its clinicians. OnServiceMD Version 3.0 is a game-changer, integrating so many elements that hospitalist services track, follow, measure, and report in one, seamless and time-saving workflow. Give your hospitalists a winning tool that they’ll appreciate every day they are on service!

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