OnServiceMD Expands Partnership with Person on Call

We are thrilled to share some exciting updates regarding our Partner, Person On Call (POC).   The engineering team is embarking on a major update, Version 9 of the POC Call List, formerly known as "Call List Navigator."  They have begun the "Strategy & Design" phase for V9, with Development slated for this summer.  V9 will [...]

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Major Enhancements to Open Shift Features

Understanding where gaps exist in the schedule of any shift-based specialty, such as a hospitalist service, is critical to ensure safe and appropriate staffing.  OnServiceMD has provided insight for services in where these shift gaps exist, however the OnServiceMD Open Shift features just became much more powerful. With the implementation of the new Open Shift [...]

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Forecasting a Service’s Staffing

Any inpatient, shift-based specialty, such as a hospitalist service, needs to have a firm understanding of anticipated staffing.  Whether the schedule is completed in 3-month, 6-month, or annual blocks, forecasting staffing for a hospitalist service or other inpatient program is critical to understand where there may be shortcomings.  Deficiencies in staffing are not simple.  Given [...]

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Shifts at Risk

With shift-based schedules, it is not only important for service leaders and administrators to keep their finder on the pulse of all staffing gaps.  Understanding where there are scheduling risks is equally important.  Frequently, people provide "heads up" information to their service leader that due to an impending family or personal emergency, they may need [...]

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Admission Assignments and Housestaff Caps

With OnServiceMD Clinicals, hospitalist programs clear insights into the volume of admissions at any point in time.  However, it is critical not only to be able to understand the pace and number of admissions,  during a period of time, but also to understanding how a hospitalist service's daytime, evening and overnight admitting resources are being [...]

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