OnServiceMD is priced to ensure that it can easily be absorbed into a single-center hospitalist group budget or into a consultant group’s private practice budget.

Healthcare IT has traditionally been priced at exorbitant prices. This is not the case for OnServiceMD. This mission-critical software can be implemented through most existing operating budgets, even the budget of a single group or partnership. Annual pricing can be low as the annual CME allowance for just one physican; implementation for a larger group is even low, and comparable to the annual CME fund of a just a few physicians. Other hand-off software solutions cost up to three times as much as OnServiceMD, yet still do not include most of the groundbreaking workflow enhancements that the development team at OnService has engineered. Do not consider any healthcare IT software without first considering OnServiceMD. Contact us now to get more information on pricing.

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OnServiceMD Clinicals

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OnServiceMD Scheduling

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  • Provider Scheduling

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