New OnServiceMD App Releases for iOS and Android

OnService Solutions released fully redesigned versions of it's mobile apps, with multiple updates: Built-in, native Integrated Call Schedule view User lookup with user phone number option Redesigned menu New monthly calendar view for a user's shifts New date picker   For more information, see the google play store or itunes store.

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OnService Solutions Implements Schedule Syncing with Partner Cronofy

In February 2022, OnServiceMD implemented a new feature for users to sync their OnServiceMD shifts to their preferred calendar client.  Partnering with industry expert Cronofy, the integrated calendar sync function allows users to sync with multiple calendar clients, including Outlook, Gmail, icloud, exchange and other clients and ensures clients have the most up to date [...]

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OnServiceMD Ventilator Allocation Support Module Released

During the current unprecedented healthcare crisis due to COVID-19, hospital administrators and bedside physicians and nurses are dealing with the daunting prospect of prioritizing ventilator triage. While attempting to handle unmanageable surges in patient volume with an inadequate supply of critical resources, hospitals and states are developing ventilator triage guidelines in accordance with carefully considered [...]

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OnServiceMD Completes Integrated Call Schedule

In February 2020, OnService Solutions completed development of an Integrated Call Schedule. This schedule, which can pull data from different scheduling sources in addition to the OnServiceMD Scheduling Module, provides a clear view of what providers are covering for each service at the current time. Such a tool is critical to ensure that nurses, providers, [...]

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OnServiceMD Implemented at Northwest Medical Center

In February, 2019 OnServiceMD Clinicals and Scheduling Modules were implemented at Northwest Medical Center in Tucson, AZ. This two-hospital system, including Northwest Medical Center and Oro Valley Hospital, will be using OnServiceMD to streamline AM patient distribution, optimize regionalization and provider census leveling.

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OnServiceMD Implemented at Beth Israel Medical Center

Boston, 1/11/2017 - OnServiceMD scheduling was fully rolled out at Beth Israel Medical Center Hospitalist Programs on Wednesday, January 11th. After Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center evaluated hospitalist scheduling software vendors for its own Academic Medical Center and its affiliated hospitals, it made the determination in September of 2016 to select OnServiceMD. Implementation followed, and [...]

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OnServiceMD Version 3.0

OnServiceMD Version 3.0 was officially released on Wednesday, February 3rd.  OSMD 3.0 is a complete redesign. OSMD 3.0 was engineered with speed in mind, and every screen, button, field, and table was designed with one thing in mind: the clinician as the end user.  As such, OnServiceMD Version 3.0 integrates intelligence which predicts the users [...]

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OnServiceMD Featured in Today’s Hospitalist

The cover story for the December 2015 issue of "Today's Hospitalist," titled "How many devices are you carrying?" reviews the landscape of technologies which are used by hospitalists to communicate with other providers. It is no surprise that Dr. Pestka, President of OnService Solutions, was interviewed for this story, to discuss OnServiceMD's innovative integration of [...]

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What Makes OnServiceMD Hospitalist Software?

In my June 25th post, I discussed some challenges that most hospitalist groups struggle with. Enterprise-wide EHRs frequently fall short when considering a specific stakeholder group's workflow, and are either unable to meet the nuanced needs of a hospitalist group, or require convoluted workflows which require hospitalist groups to unnaturally alter their workflow in a [...]

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