The next major release of OnServiceMD, Version 2.0, is in development, and will be fully implemented at all client sites by fall 2012.

This next version on OnServiceMD represents over 2 years of development, and includes over 100 new features which further the OnServiceMD mission to streamline workflow for practicing physicians.  New features and major enhancements are heavily based on user feedback over the last 3 years, and could not have been possible without the support of its loyal clients.  Here’s a glimpse of upcoming features included in Version 2.0:

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      • “Save Now” Feature

          “Save Now” will give users the option to save their work, without navigating away from content that requires their greatest attention.
      • View Other User Roster

          Users will be able to view another user’s roster with a click.  This feature is expected to further enhance visit volume and patient assignment tracking, and will help to ensure more equal census numbers among on-service users.
      • Updated Hand-Off Content

          New hand-off content will allow for the further standardization of off-service hand-offs, and will help to ensure that critical information is retaining and considering with every hand-off of care.
      • New Search Functionalities

          Searching for any patient will result in a greater breath of search results and will yield further information about patient assignments and communication.
      • Completely New Survey Module

          A newly designed Survey Module will allow for evaluation of off-service hand-offs through an automated process.  Administrative users will be able to download results, and will identify areas for improvement among the group as a whole.  Administrators can even identify specific hand-off practices which are most appreciated and most highly rated.  Lastly, administrative-level users will be able to provide individual feedback on a periodic (quarterly or bi-annually) to individual providers on the quality of their hand-offs.
      • Shared Progress Note Option

          A new shared progress note feature will allow for non-physician providers to utilize OnServiceMD Progress Notes.  Physician’s who supervise the non-physician providers will be able to add their own comments to a templated addendum.
      • In-Line Synopsis Editing from Roster

          The efficiencies gained from in-line editing of hand-off information will be monumental.  This feature is estimated to reduce mouse clicks by over 50% when handing off a service of patients.  Combined with already implemented batch hand-offs and other batching features, streamlining workflow will be taken to the next level with with new function.
      • Threading

          Hand-off information will be threaded.  Users will be able to see user, date and time of synopsis entry, and look at historical data with a click.
      • Extensive New Logging

          All hand-offs and communication from OnServiceMD will be logged, with user, date, and time stamp.  Don’t remember who handed-off a patient to you?  No problem, just check the new logs for a complete story of hand-offs.