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OnServiceMD is easy to implement. What does that mean? OnServiceMD was created with functionalities and features which specifically allow implementation without any significant commitment from a hospital or health system’s very busy IT department. Hospital IT resources are such a critical in-house resource, and frequently cannot be further taxed to implement new software packages for specific groups of users. That is why OnService Solutions requires no commitment of an IT department’s time for complex feeds or bidirectional interface development. This model allows for rapid implementation at a low cost for a specified group of users, such as hospitalists or a private consulting group. Such an arrangement also allows for the universal, 2-month free trial that is inherent to all of OnServiceMD contracts and agreements.

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Implementation occurs in a simple, 3-step process which is easy for customers to understand. Depending upon what type of implementation is chosen, an initial planning meeting allows clients to consider customizations and features that are required to meet their own needs. A follow-up meeting ensures specifications and any customizations, if applicable, are mutually understood. A final meeting involves delivering login credentials to superusers and admin users, and helps to ensure success through superuser-based strategic training. Group-wide roll-out is then targeted with the support and close involvement of OnService support, if desired.


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