OnServiceMD: The Hospitalist Software

OnServiceMD is based on something magical: your workflow. Triage, communicate, track, assign, distribute, hand-off, discharge and transition. Tens of thousands of admissions strong, OnServiceMD will revolutionize your entire group's workflow, and be the complement to your hospital EMR you have been waiting for. Not a full-scale EMR, OnServiceMD fills in all the gaps that your [...]

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OnServiceMD Version 2.1 to include new “Group Website” to help group leaders get the word out.

Version 2.1 of OnServiceMD, to be released in June 2013, will include several exciting enhancements.  Perhaps most exciting is the new "Group Website."  This integrated feature allows for hospitalist group leaders (or other specialty leaders) get the word out in a single, secure location.  Users can now access any group-specific content, such as group policies [...]

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Version 2.0 Coming Soon

The next major release of OnServiceMD, Version 2.0, is in development, and will be fully implemented at all client sites by fall 2012. This next version on OnServiceMD represents over 2 years of development, and includes over 100 new features which further the OnServiceMD mission to streamline workflow for practicing physicians.  New features and major [...]

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OnServiceMD Reaches 18,000 Patients!

In June, 2012, the 18,000th patient was admitted using OnServiceMD. What does 18,000 patients represent?  18,000 admissions, 18,000 attending assignments, 18,000 hand-offs, and 18,000 communications to PCPs. This new milestone is a testament to OnServiceMD's sound admitting rules, rock-solid patient assignment logic, and extensive workflow enhancements.

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