Version 2.1 of OnServiceMD, to be released in June 2013, will include several exciting enhancements.  Perhaps most exciting is the new “Group Website.”  This integrated feature allows for hospitalist group leaders (or other specialty leaders) get the word out in a single, secure location.  Users can now access any group-specific content, such as group policies and procedures, educational content, and also view the clinical calendar, meeting schedule, and view showcased announcements on the homepage.  Group forums will also enable all members of the group to share their perspectives, keep the group updated on their non-clinical efforts, and allow for an online discussion on issues which are most important to the group.

New features in Version 2.1 include:

      • New “Group Website” as described above

      • New shared electronic progress note for Physician Assistants

      • “Auto-Handoff” feature

      • Front-end ability to change options for teams and locations

      • Addition of location field on the admission view

      • Additional enhancements which streamline the look and feel of the discharge gateway and all e-mail communications